And here is why!

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I think we all, at one point or another, feels overwhelmed by the things we have to manage and do. Especially in this time and age.
At times it seems like the endless tasks seem to pile up and as soon we get ahead, they start to pile up again. You might feel like the guy in the photo above, but you have a plan don’t you?

You will multitask the heck of them tasks!

But I’m sorry to be the one telling you that you can’t! And I will tell you why:


Simply put, our brains are not hardwired to do more than one task at a time. And yes, it’s true we can do more than one VERY SIMPLE task at once, but that’s it. And that’s our brain's reality, the hardwiring of our brain.
The more tasks we try to do at once, the more ineffective and unfocused we get. And in the end, there’s only one conclusion: Do one task and finish it before tackling another. …

Do you have the necessary skills?

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Recently I read the book “How to be a power connector” by Judy Robinette and that triggered some thoughts that I’d like to share. I have borrowed some of her thoughts but also added my own perspective to it. So let the game commence!

Power Connector?

A natural and first question is, of course, what is a power connector? A search on Google gives mostly power connectors as in Electricity, it’s like it doesn’t exist. But, I tell you my own definition;

A Power Connector, or as I would call it; a Multiwerker, is a person which has built and maintained a large network of social and business connections/contacts. …

Six years and I still haven't started…

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Why considering?

It’s both scary and tempting to even consider starting a Podcast. While I have never been a person afraid of starting and doing something outside my comfort zone, this might be the hardest one. But I will try and know that it’s okay to fail.

The hinders

Firstly scare of failing, it’s just natural to have that feeling. …


Anders Sporring

Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC) | Media & photo @sporringphoto | I

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