When I write, scribble or doodle, these are my favorite tools!

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I have to admit that even if I more and more rarely write by hand, the tools of the trade and my obsession with them have been a constant over the years. My extensive pen and pencil collection has sometimes been wast. But now, before I move, a cleanout has been necessary. So cooking down my needs to what I need and use wasn’t that difficult. I had many started notebooks of various manufacturers that are not fitting into my new workflow I’m developing. And I know myself, these notebooks were for specific now dead projects. …

A summary of my thoughts and usage of my Chromebook

My Chromebook © Author

One year ago, I decided it was time to get a new computer, as my Mac Air had given up, and my old windows laptop didn’t hold up to what I needed any longer. I had (and still have) a limited budget, so I started looking at used computers, and it didn’t take long until I found an ’ad’ in a Facebook sale and buy group.

It was an Acer Chromebook CB311 11.6" that was for sale at half its the price as new. I paid about $130 for it (the new price is $280) so it was a good…

I and about 10 million others suffer from this disease

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I was diagnosed in autumn 2017 with having Parkinson's disease. I had a gamma x-ray done, and there, they could clearly see that the connective dopamine in my brain was depleted. I had a DBS surgery in 2019 that has helped some, and I hope that adjusting it will help me further.

Scientists believe a combination of genetic and environmental factors is the cause of Parkinson’s disease (PD). PD is an extremely diverse disorder. While no two people experience Parkinson’s the same way, there are some commonalities. PD affects about one million people in the United States and ten million…

How it has impacted me, and what I have learned from it

It seems crazy that today I have been journaling for a year; when I set out on that journey, I didn’t think it would last me more than maybe a couple of months. So I decided to write a summary of my journey and what I have learned from it.

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To keep up journaling every day means you’ve got to have;
- Stamina

I have public entries in my online journal, but I have also notes not visible to anyone other than myself. Transåarency has validity, yes, but some thoughts I have kept to myself. …

Seems we experience Socialmedia fatigue more and more now.

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One of the reasons I started using Socialmedias thirteen years ago, was to build a solid and awesome network of people that was like me. Or was people I would be like one day. I’m not talking about conforming to the same style or opinions. No, I wanted to learn, and I still do. The great thing back then was that you were actually communicating with others, and could have both lengthy and intelligent conversations. Today, that seems to be lost more or less in translation, and expressing an opinion can cause dramatic and unwanted consequences. …

My thoughts in #Snowuary!

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My February hasn’t been that productive writing-wise, my focus is on reducing my things for my coming move later this year. And, alas, I have been pretty good at it. When now March comes I’m hopeful that I don’t have as many things to go through.

I started out with a summary (like this one) of my January articles.

Next up was an Elegy for my cat Esther. …

This week is celebration week.

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This week in 2008, I started blogging; I also started using Twitter. It was two of the best decisions I have ever made. It all started very simply, as you can see here:

When I had the most followers, back in 2016, I had about +15k followers, but now I’m at about +11k. I don’t think it matters how many followers you have if you don't engage with your followers and if they don't engage with you. What matters is content and intent.

Even if I was on Twitter, my main channel was Jaiku, and it was a better…

Part one, the history of Stoicism.

Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism, in the Farnese collection, Naples Photo by Paolo Monti, 1969.

I studied Music Science in Uppsala back in the late eights, and part of that study was music philosophy. And my interest deepened while working two years as a library assistant, where I found series of almost unread books on philosophy. Since then, I try to read at least a couple of books on the subject every year. Even if I’m not new to philosophical thoughts, it is a newly evolving interest of mine.

I learned about Stoicism last year when I started using Roamresearch and how daily journaling can impact your thought process, as well as your ability to…

And the hardships I have to overcome.

My problems vid shaking hands started in my late teens, and they were referred to by doctors as ‘Nervous shakings.’ It had an early impact on my life, and for me, that wanted to be a professional viola/violin player, it was sometimes very stressful. Being a performer was hard at times, and every time I went out on stage, I dreaded that my hands would start shaking. It took almost 15 years from the first discovery until, after having maybe fifty or so doctor's appointments, I was finally diagnosed with Essential Tremors. There are two variants of tremors; the one…

Use even the shortest time to be creative.

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Time is a construct of man, and even if we try not to get limited of it, the construct of time is more or less unbreakable. We have two specific timeframes all of us have; sleep time and awake time. The awake time can is divided into other pockets of time, like work time and leisure time. All those small bridges between the things we do during the day, how do we use them? The 5,10,20, 30, or even 60 minutes that many see as transport or bridges between the planned day? …

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