It’s not me, it’s you IFTTT

A background

I started using IFTTT when it still was in Beta. For me, being a knowledge, productivity, and lifelong learner using IFTTT was the ultimate harvester/productivity enhancer. At one time I had +50 ‘recipes’ running that captured information from the web, stored images I took to various services. And connected services to each other so I didn’t have to update manually everywhere. Today I have reduced those to about +15 but from the beginning of October, I will delete my account there because I feel that I’m not interested to pay for that service. Neither do I have the same need any longer. I use other was to save my knowledge or if you like to harvest the information I’m looking for.

Thoughts for the future

The reality for many users of freemium services is that have relied on them and when they no longer are ‘free’ they stop using them. I guess that IFTTT will see a large dip in their userbase coming, no surprise there, but will the decision to cut existing users off will be the best choice?


So it’s not me it’s you IFTTT that made us break up. Have a good life ahead, don’t bother to call, I’m over you!

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