Corona crises, how it has affected me

I’m in my 60s and I’m in 3 risk groups for contracting corona.

Although I’m suffering from severe agoraphobia, and panic attacks I still had at least 2 meetups with friends for Fika or a nice lunch, this is out of the question these days. And for me, socially isolated by my problems makes it harder than usual for me.

Shopping for groceries is another problem, I now go shopping very early in the morning (7 am or earlier), after the lunch rush or late at evenings. In the beginning, I had people go shopping for me but, that’s not working in the long run. I have also ordered online which works relatively well, but you have to plan ahead then.

I can’t go visit my grandchildren as they can give me infections, and it might just be standard cold. For me, a standard cold or flu could be devastating as I’m highly susceptible to infections due to my heart condition, and pneumonia like the one I had last year would half my resistance to infections.

  1. I go grocery/food shopping at times I know the stores are more empty.
  2. I’m religious in washing my hands, arms, and face, even if I have just been out on a walk or run I wash them really well
  3. I use hand alcohol on surfaces I touch while I’m out like in the library.
  4. When I met someone outside I stand further than usual away from them, 2 meter rule applies.
  1. Without a doubt, my connections on social networks ease a bit of the hardship, but can not replace social interaction IRL.
  2. My daily phone calls with my close friend Eric.
  3. A couple of times a week I talk to my daughter and get updates on my granddaughters. More rarely we video chat but when it happens the more precious it is.
  4. A couple of weeks I go sit on the local library (where I used to work2013-14) I take a writing session for 2–3 hours depending on my state of mind.

WE can all agree that life has changed and that we all have been making sacrifices, smaller or larger. Some have lost their livelihood and homes and in the aftermath, relationships have been demolished. And it will take years, or maybe even decades to rebuild it. And we have to change our behaviors to survive in the post Pandemic era. But I’m convinced we will survive as humans if just start to re-prioritize!

A change I see in my self is that I would love to plant and harvest the thing I’ve grown myself. Not possible at the moment but hopefully when I move next year.

Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC) | Media & photo @sporringphoto | I

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