Digital detoxing

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There’s been a lot of talk about doing digital detoxing lately, and some people take it to the next level exchanging their smartphones from dumbphones. Even if I can understand the need to limit your digital imprint It’s nothing I would even consider. Some people have a limited bandwidth picking up stuff and when they get into overload mood they can’t take it anymore. I have been in that place for a couple of years as my cognitive abilities were compromised and I had a low profile online during that time. Today my cognitively is more or less back to normal, and I bless my ability to restart my brain.

So, is digital detoxing the only solution?

Not in my opinion, of course, most of us have too many sources of news/updates and that could be a stressor. However, I did a digital detoxing of sorts. I went through my mailbox to unsubscribe to about 90% of the newsletters I had subscribed to. (And, yes, they comprised of 90% of my mails too!) I killed about 30 profiles online as they weren’t used at all the past years. And if an update comes in the mail from some network I’m not using (or are interested in) I immediately unsubscribe and go to the site and delete the profile.

I also turned off some of the notifications from Social Media on my phone. I kept notifications from messenger, SMS, and important mails. The rest I go in manually and check.

And I have actually never felt stressed out by updates and notifications. Maybe it’s in my DNA to be this way and others are not.

Next step?

For me, I did the opposite of many others. I subscribed to a limited amount of new newsletters because I have changed as a person and so has my interests. But I’m restrictive to what and whom I subscribe too and if I see that a newsletter isn’t interesting anymore, I unsubscribe.

It would be interesting to see how many of the ‘Digitally detoxed’ people that are still that after 6 months or a year. Because I think the world is digital now, and to live in it we can’t insulate us from it. But I can of course be wrong, and I don’t get it. So if your one of the “Digitally Detoxed’ leave a comment here. Hey, wait. they can’t! ;)

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