Today is no ordinary day because today I have been a blogger for eight years.

When I started out eight years ago I couldn’t have know how much fun that start would have given me, neither all the connections it would give me both close-by and in the World. And all the things I have been blogging about, some of it is drowned in the past and maybe forgotten about by some.

I have used various services through out the years, but been faithful to one, Wordpress. But there has been Vox accounts, Posterous accounts, various tumblr accounts, livejournal account, Typead accounts, blogger accounts and so on. And now some times also at Medium, a service that love for it’s clean and clear layout.

I have been part of blogging teams on, Superbrands and been a guestblogger on other blogs, some of these hav ‘fallen asleep’ and is never to return. But for me all this has been an incredible journey and creativity, mind and soul. My first endeavor was to blog about my Nokia N95, apps and hardware I acquired for it and that was probably the most successful so far. Got me a lot of connections (some of which I still have) in the Nokia collective. That mobile phone was a key-factor for me also to join Socialmedia, starting with Jaiku, but soon a became a keen Twitteruser also. Facebook I started using nine eyars ago, but as for many others it grow on me maybe 6 years ago.

Now I’m a random blogger, and doesn’t make so much fuss. I have a segment on my personal blogg called ‘Söndagsfilosofen’ (The Sunday Philosopher) in which I’m very personal and close to the person I am. I blog there about Faith, family, feelings, health and other things that matter to me and is close to my heart. My professional blogs att Sporring Media and Workingoodway is slumbering for now. And will be so for the time being unfortunately. Maybe later on down the road they will be re:woken and put to good use again, who knows.

(Disclaimer 1: To be totally honest I actually have an Livejournal account that I have had since March 7 2001 however it’s been dorment since 2011)

(Disclaimer 2: This is the first blogpost written in Evernote and autoposted from Evernote via an IF connection)

Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC) | Media & photo @sporringphoto | I

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