Finding Your Home Office Away From Home

Increasing your creativity can be very easy

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I have since I started blogging and be active on Social Media loved to work in different places. Like Hotel lobbies, coffee shops, libraries, and other public places. I find the buzzing of other people to be a creative boost of sorts. And if you work away from home but don’t have any own office space it gives you ‘co-workers’ that you see and hear.

The distractions in your home environment can be bad like your cat decides it ‘owns’ your computer keyboard. Or you see something you have to clean up right away (often not necessary at all!). I find that finding my focus at home is harder than if I’m in another place.

Distractions in your ‘office away from home’ might be different but I have never seen them as hard to overcome as the ones at home.

There is a lot of software providing ambiance sounds like school, coffee shops, and radios (Or you can stream your favorite radiostations) to give you a sense of coworkers, but for me, it can’t replace the real deal.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How do you find your home office away from home?

My tip is this:

  1. Make a list of criteria for how the workplace has to feel.
  2. Testwork in a lot of different places
  3. Don’t settle for just one place, try to have at least a 3–4 places to choose from.
  4. When you're getting comfortable, repeat these steps until you find 2–3 places

I have 2 places I love to sit and work in. The local library (obvious choice as I used to work there!) and a small coffee shop that I picked for the atmosphere.

One of my criteria was that it had to be not far away from where I live.

Finally, in my point of view, finding your Home Office away from home can be the best thing ever for your creativity!

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