Getting my love for reading paper books back again

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Me reading! (My own photo)

Books are food for your brain!

For the past 10 years or so my reading has been focused on reading books in digital form and that’s all good and well, but the past 4 months I have started to find back to my love to read actual books. It’s a special feeling carrying around a book, without any distractions from updates on your phone or tablet. And it’s a special feeling when you turn actual paper pages.

Growing up me and my father used to go to the library once a week and have a bag each with books back home with us. For me, curious as I have always been collecting information, reading novels, and poems. That made a foundation for all the things I have both works with and had as a hobby.

I’m a speed reader, I can get relevant information from a page more or less instantly. I don’t read one page at a time, I read the whole book spread at once. Explaining how it’s done is hard, so I will not go into it here. But I acquired that knowledge while studying music science in Uppsala. I had to scan many pages to refine the knowledge I needed for my studies. However, I’m not as fast as I used these days to be, but I’m sure with practice my speed will increase again.

Obviously there are both pros and cons of reading analog or digital. Reading digital gives you (sometimes) possibilities to mark quotes and save them instantly. Analog, not so much. If you don’t own the book you can't exactly do markings in it to go back to later. So that’s a bust of course. But I have found a solution, I use Textgrabber on my Motorola phone and save them to Evernote. It can also make translations for you, even works offline if you need it and the OCR function is extremely good.

I have a subscription at Blinkist which covers my nonfiction literature, I love to summarized format (12–15 minutes a book) and the fact you can save your highlights immediately to Evernote. Living as I do and loving to learn new things that I wouldn’t run into or even consider otherwise. Like reading memoirs as it gives me joy reading about other's lives, experiences, and wisdom they share.

My goal now is to read at least 3 books a week, and so far so good I’m at that level now. Of course, the length of the book also matters but that’s the goal. And I have started to take notes on all the books I read now, manually or with the help of textgrabber. By the end of summer, I hope to be up to reading 4 books a week. And besides this, I’m writing articles/blog posts here at Medium but also an everyday Journal online at where I also have a biweekly newsletter you can subscribe to it.

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