How I find article ideas

A little How-To on how I find Ideas

I have been blogging for more than 12 years now and was a guest on other blogs. I also wrote articles on other places, but in the last 5 years I have had ‘writer's block’. Much due to my sickness and little input on what to write about. Now, a little more than 1 month since I started taking my writing more seriously again, I have a queue of close to 30 article ideas! How have I done this? And what’s my process?

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As in much other creative work, writing is no exception. You need some kind of input, for me the following is triggers:

  1. Articles on the net, like here on Medium Saves in Diigo or Evernote
  2. Tweets, I clip interesting stuff to MyMind
  3. Books, I read a lot. This year I have (so far) read more than 200 books. My guess is I will end up at about +230 books.
  4. Watching news and Youtube videos
  5. Other sources

I would say that most of my ideas come from stuff I read online, like articles on Medium, Substack or so. I also find a lot of interesting stuff on Twitter.

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These triggers give me usually a oneliner that I build from. That oneliner can be the title or subtitle or be both. When I got that I scratch down a few points that will the base of my article (Or blogpost). I’m not limiting myself only to things I know, no I’m a constant/lifelong learner so if I find something that attracts my mind. I explore that topic and if it’s something I find particularly interesting it can trigger an article idea. I also write down if I remember my dreams when I wake up, and sometimes an idea has formed when I sleep.


I find it important to take down a couple of bullet points before I start writing. It can be days or weeks later, but I need a slight structure before I write.

So find 3 or more bullet points and go from there, letting it ‘boil’ until it gets al dente. Some articles find it’s own way right away, but some article demands some more boiling before reaching a finalized state.

After the article is finished, I run it in Hemingway online editor and Grammarly. As I’m not a native English speaker (Swedish) I want to make sure that my language isn’t unreadable. After that, I still proofread it once more. So finally I Published my article, and I seldom go back to edit after that.

My process in short

Stuff I read
Stuff I watch
Stuff from other sources
= Ideas = Finalizing

Happy writing and reading!

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