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Thinker, I am

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I start to think about things I have learned in the previous days and weeks. Processing my thoughts (my subconscious mind) during sleep, and reaching results in that process. Those morning moments is a guide to what I’m about to write and continue to think about during the day, and sometimes in a longer perspective. Thoughts or ideas can linger in my memory for longs times, and when it connects to another more recent thought, give the impulse to create something. Today I have a great helper in my Second Brain that works for me in giving connections as well as clarifying ideas for me.

Student, I am

As a student for and in life, I’m a constant learner. And that is something that comes with my genes, as my father was a student for life. And knowledge was something that was encouraged in my family, and I hope I have given that to my daughters in some small matter.

I have been reading more than 200 books this year, about 90% of them nonfictional and on very different subjects. That's a massive amount of knowledge and Information, I know. But I just love to learn new things, and especially NOT in my normal sphere. I try to reach outside my box and seek knowledge and information that can and will lead me forward. The more I learn, the more grows my hunger to learn even more.

Teacher, I am

All the knowledge I have acquired I really want to put to use. And teaching/helping others has not only been a mission but a way of life for me. Working as a consultant in various industries I gave my colleagues at the various micro educations, small steps that made them grow in their professions. Something their employers not always realized and could give them. Knowledge sharing is a win-win for everybody in my opinion and if I leave any legacy, that would be it.

I have also been consulting for one of our political parties (Before the 2010 elections), setting up online educations on how to blog, use Facebook, and Twitter to promote their political candidates on socialmedia. I also wrote an e-book on how to use WordPress and blog back then.

It is also very rewarding to see how the ones you help grows both in confidence and in knowledge. And hopefully, they pay it forward and help others grow the same way.

I was also an employee at the local libraries where I live for two years. And there I had a clinic every week to help people with their smartphones and tablets. They could also book 101 help and training. One would guess that it was mostly elderly people, but in fact, it was half of those and half of 30–50 years old ones too. I was also engaged in the Digital initiative “Digidel” whose purpose is to work for more digital inclusion here in Sweden. I was named as one of three ‘Eldsjäl’ (Enthusiast, but it’s kinda losing a bit in the translation. Better word would be Firesoul or Driving spirit!)

And of course, I’m always thinking about how I could pay forward my knowledge even more, and in what forms. And one idea that I have is to write an ebook to do so.

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Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC) | Media & photo @sporringphoto | https://sporring.biz I https://journalings.xyz

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