Notetaking in 2020

My thoughts on Evernote & CO

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Twelve years ago I discovered a beta of now notetaking app, It was Evernote. Evernote took my notetaking thinking, skills, and writing to a new level. In fact, to that level, it became my go-to tool for everything web-related. I call Evernote my Swissarmyknife for the web. And it’s a bliss to have Evernote in my corner, Recording sessions with my therapists or doctors. Scanning important documents and papers or jotting down ideas. And finding them when I need them.

I was one of the first advanced users in Sweden, and I felt a bit lonely at first. But soon others discovered the almost overwhelming usability of Evernote. And as the International user base grows, more third-party applications connected to it. Evernote themselves developed some apps that worked with Evernote. All was good and well in the land of Evernote. But then after introducing Evernote Business something changed. I felt they started to whirl down. And of course, they fell into the “changing CEO” trap as a remedy like so many other companies. BUT the problem with that is that every time it’s done the company loses momentum because every new CEO wants to change the company in his/her direction. And we can see it with Evernote as well.

What can be done to change this?

Evernote MUST start to listen to the users/customers and even more important their ECC’s and give feedback on bugs, ideas for changes that can improve the product in a much more interactive way. This is not working now, or at least it’s not my personal experience. Faster feedback from Evernote when reporting bugs and other issues MOST improve. Many users are looking for replacements as we speak.

The freemium model must be more generous again, mail-in notes must be standard even for the freemium version. Storage is not a big issue these days, so a freemium version with 100mb attachment and a 4 GB storage would interest more users.

My personal point of view on the future? The change must come NOW, otherwise, the downwards spiral will continue. Even many hardcore Evernote users I know are now turning to other apps. And there’s a lot out there that can compete and in various grades outcompete Evernote. And add for heaven’s sake a program for rewarding those ideas for changes and developing the software. An incentive is always fruitful!

If you ask me what I’m using the most; It’s still Evernote, I’m mean I have my own Google database there, my personal information, my important contracts, and what’s important too of us. Pretty secure if it’s a fire and I lose all my important information. I can still retrieve a digital copy from Evernote.

But to be honest, I’m now using Roam Research more and more, so 40% is now used in Roam and the rest is still in Evernote. I also use Evernote to blog via which works excellent, and that’s usability I love with Evernote

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