Socialmedia And Me

In 2007, I bought a Nokia N95, and it changed my life forever.

In august of 2007, I decided to buy myself a new mobile phone. One of the criteria was that it had to have a decent camera. My eyes were on the Nokia N-series as they seemed to be on the cutting edge of cameras. So one day I decided to go buy myself a Nokia N95. I did a lot of research online as I wanted to be sure before spending that kind of money on a phone. And to be honest, there weren’t a lot of bad reviews out there, most were positive and even enthusiastic.

At the same time, or almost at least. I had signed up for a Facebook account and had started a blog, as I had understood that that was all the rage. I didn’t know what to do with either but in my mind I know it would open new doors and sure it would!


The N95 was a smartphone in its own right, and I soon discovered an (almost) endless applications for it. So after signing up for Jaiku [A much better microblog than Twitter, sadly enough bought by Google that killed it] and connecting with some of the Nokia bloggers there, I realized that I could also do that. So I started an N95 specific blog at Vox [N95expert, sadly enough I didn’t save the content from it]. At the same time, I got connected with a lot of the early adopters of Social Media in Sweden [Sometimes referred hereto as “bubblan” (The Bubble)]. Most of the people there were journalists, marketing, copyrighters, graphic designers, photographers, and so on. So in some aspects, I was out of my element. But I didn’t let that stop me, no I prospered from the interactions and the connections. And in about 6 months I had built up a following and reputation that still is a part of my legacy/brand online. I was at my peak number 12 on Twitter in the Stockholm area, before all the celebrities joined and jumped me down to oblivion…….

Meetups, Afterworks, and Workshops

During that time the interest was growing and Meetups, Breakfastworkshops, Socialmediaclub lunches was a source for learning, sharing, and creating. My typical week could look like this: Breakfast Workshop, Writing at a cafe, Lunch with someone interesting, afternoon ‘Fika’ with another interesting person, and in the evening an Afterwork or sometimes a meetup. Five days a week and sometimes events on the weekend too. I tried to attend as much I could, and a lot was happening in the Swedish/Stockholm Soicalmedia scene during those first years.

Another fun event was SSWC (Sweden Social Web Camp)an unconference event during a weekend, that I attended twice.


So I decided to go all-in and started a socialmedia specific blog, called “”. It was time to take my online brand seriously, and when I had the most traffic to that blog I could have up to a thousand visits a day. And another effect of it was the invites to blog from conferences and other events. For me, it was also an opening to learn more about Socialmedia and marketing. [At one point I had 5 different blogs running]


I started an NGO with two twitter friends, another more in-depth article coming here on Medium about that. I would love to have something to do with charity work again, and one day maybe starting up Concertsforchange again. But that might be a completely different story.


My first contact with Socialmedia Club was in Stockholm and in November 2008. SMC was then a part of my life until 2011 when I had a breakdown and stayed of much of the web for almost a year. But I was for a while a part of the SMCs editorial team and wrote a couple of articles for them. I was also the chairman of the Social Media Club Chapter Support Association Sweden, in fact, the only official country organization. I was also instrumental in starting local chapters in Uppsala, Jönköping, and Sigtuna.


Freelancing as a media consultant, and had some assignments during 2009–2010. The longest and most substantial was doing educations for Politicians at ‘Centerpartiet’ before the election 2010. I wrote a blogging manual and how-tos online. Did some educations also around Sweden which was extra fun and stimulating.

I also did some WordPress installations and designs for individuals and small businesses.

Consulting in all matters of online media and productivity.

Other blogs and online magazines

I was also invited to write for other blogs and online magazines, Most of them sadly doesn’t exist anymore but it was fun to be diversifying my brand on other blogs/magazines. And I always got positive feedback on my writings, which is of course why we write and publish ourselves.


I was also doing lectures in both Socialmedia, Productivity, Evernote, Workingooday [My own take on GTD and productivity], and how to overcome a deep depression. I also did some lectures on tools for students and teachers, as I would have loved having this arsenal of tools while being a student myself. I love teaching and as an old musician/music teacher [I was a semi-professional Violin and Viola player], being on stage is kind of my second nature.

Library work

2012 in the autumn I did a series of lectures in the local library, where the libraries’ boss got interested in me. So she hired me 2013–2014 during the time I was initially hired to work on new media and education of my colleagues, but I also worked as a library assistant. For me the matching couldn’t be more perfect, my interest in literature cam in more than handy as well as my knowledge in new media. Sadly enough the employment was a project hire and lasted only for two years.

Final notes, or what comes next?

One astonishing effect of my involvement in Social media is that most of my present friends come from that source. Many of my older friends (before 2008) have been ‘lost in translation’ as they didn’t understand or were negative to Socialmedia. For me, it wasn’t a demand to be connecting online but they seemed to think so and that’s where I lost them.

I’m an ECC (Evernote Certified Consultant) and an avid writer these days, I enjoy both reading and writing. Writing articles about things that inspire, intrigue and I learn from is what is my life right now. I have an online Journal that I also have written an article here on medium.

I have started to be more engaged on Twitter this past year, and find some new interesting people to follow there. My interests are still in productivity, but I have expanded my views and are looking more widely now. I’m still me, suffering from the Da Vinci Curse! ;)


  1. There are too many people I would like to say thanks to, but you all know who you are and that our friendship is for life!
  2. My archived blog material (Swedish and English) can be seen at
  3. During 2008–2010 I had lunches and/or ‘fika’ with close to 1000 of my new friends and followers. Most of them I’m still connected to!
  4. I have always been very social and it’s easy for me to connect and relate to new people. I think it’s in my DNA and I learned from the best, my father Lasse Sporring that was a priest and always had it easy to connect to his parishioners regardless of what field or interests they had. I see the same in my daughters and grandchildren.
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