The Future For Software

My thoughts on a less platform-specific software world

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I had a discussion with some friends recently about apps, software in general, and OS (Operating Systems). We didn’t agree on much but one thing we did agree on was that software and apps will in a not too far future be Web-only.

For me, I’m already there at least computerwise. I have a Chromebook that’s my workhorse, my treasured compadre, my confidant. I call her Amelie like my first tablet. I have already covered how disruptive it has been to my workflows, lets’ talk about what’s changing.

Apps, software, and web-only apps.

The first of my thoughts, why web-only applications will dominate is; Developing applications for many platforms costs enormous sums every year. A web-only solution is much more cost-effective.

Secondly; A web-only solution is more or less interuptfree. The updates to the software can be done while in service.

Thirdly; A web-only solution is not platform-dependent.

Using a Chromebook where the start is not delayed due to disrupting updates and restarts has significantly increased my productivity. I find even less disturbing than when I had my Mac air, and that was a revelation in itself.

What's next?

  1. Google has in my humble opinion, a slight lead on everybody else with their Chrome-OS. And if they develop Android and Chrome-OS to merge, they will definitely have the upper hand on the market.
  2. As most OS is Linux-based nowadays it shouldn’t be hard to adapt a universal web-based platform.
  3. Maybe the next big OS will be an opensource project, like Linux but more up to date.

Footnote: This is my first “From My Brain To Yours” article that will be featured on my Substack also.

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