My Published Articles in November

My birth month was filled with exciting stuff.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

November is one of the darkest months in a year, but it’s also my birth month, so it weighs it up a bit. I’m extra happy that I had my sixtieth birthday last year (2019) and not this year, with the pandemic making it impossible to celebrate with others.

My articles

I started November with Teachings From HH Dalai Lama because his book ‘Happiness’ means so much to me. There’s so much wisdom to take from the Buddist teachings.

Continuing with That Dreaded White Page, it’s about writer's block that most writers end up with at some point in their career. And some ideas on how to cure it.

I Am an article about how I'm still developing, and that I’m not stopping because I will never be done.

Yes, They won! Which is about the Biden-Harris victory in the 2020 election and what impact I think it will have. It is also my first article in my own publication and the first chronicle. I plan to publish two chronicles per month in this my own publication.

Then I wrote about Remote Work, And How It’s Disrupting Work As We See It as I believe we haven’t seen 5the end of the pandemic, but I also hope the end of this plague will come sooner than later.

I like to write about productivity and the ideas about that. So ToDo Lists Aren’t Enough is definitely in line with that.

Serenity is something we all need, and especially now. So this is a short article with my thoughts about that.

My fiftieth article is about my decision to call myself a writer, and the plan ahead from now to develop and create more. I have a hard time with ‘what’ I am nowadays, but now I feel confident in what I am and what I will continue to do.

Continuing with my article on extensions/addons that is a must for me in Chrome. It’s good to do an article like this as it’s helping to uninstall the ones that are not used anymore. And at the same time, look at the ones you’re keeping to see if there’s more to them.

Me becoming 61 was the next article, and how I value my life as it is, what a lucky person I am, and what I wish for my new year to come.

I also wrote that I would apply Marie Kondo’s philosophy in my life. A change has to be done, and I really love her approach to things and objects we collect. As the plan is to move next year, I need to do some serious changes.

Now we’re entering 2020’s last month, December, and hopefully, this will be a good month. But Christmas and New Year celebrations are canceled for me, as I have a high infection susceptibility. but I am lucky to have my Lil bud Ture (My daughter's Yorkie) here to comfort me so that I will be alright!

Ture — Photo by author

I have a couple of articles to be published in December lined up, so keep following me and reading me.


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