My Published Articles In October

To be consistent is a big part of my process

Me, working on an article for October 2020

Consistent in my process

There’s something magical in being consistent in your process, and to trust in that, for me writing and researching. Building my knowledge and using my Second Brain to help me curate my thoughts.

October has been my most prolific month so far with ten articles published. I love to explore areas besides my obvious ones, so this is what has unfolded:

It kicked off the October articles with Habits, an article about Habits and how the Good, Bad, and Evil chisel out or lives and how by changing them, our life will be better.

The next article was The Future For Software, and how My thoughts about that are and what my predictions are for the future.

Then I ask, Why Building Your Personal Brand? And why we all should take close look at what our online strategy is. This is something I feel strongly about and that I will continue working on.

In Phases I One Through Digitally I take a look at my own development in regards to how the Internet has developed. And there are similarities that I think many can relate to.

In my most personal article to date, Be Still My Heart, I write about when I got my heartbroken and financially broke too. By writing and publishing that, a weight on my shoulders has been lifted and I can finally go on with my life.

In my next article, Why Learning Is Essential For Brain Health, I explore and discuss how we can help our brains not to deteriorate. It’s something I feel strongly about, as I’m at risk of getting demented due to Parkinson's Diseases, and I will do whatever it takes to improve my brainhealth.

I also discussed, Are We Heading For A Jobless Future? And I think it’s a valid question especially now with the pandemic still ravages the World. Making manufacturing companies crippled as well as other industries.

A have also looked into (once again) To start a podcast, and this time I’m going to for sure. Date unknown at this point! But It would fit right in with my other endeavors.

Then asked If you have the necessary skills to build your network? Are you a powerconnector or a Multiwerker?

I also did a summary of my articles published in September, like this one. And I will do it for the coming months as long as I write and publish articles.

I have a large number of subjects for my further writing so ending up without anything to write about is not an option. My goal this year (2020) that I set up in June when I started this journey, was to have a minimum of 50 published articles. And I’m almost there already, so I hope all of my readers will spread the word so more people can take part in my knowledge sharing and my journey!

I’m especially grateful to my partner, The Innovation for inviting me to be a part of their publication! Thanks to Esat Artug for inviting me!

Writer, Thinker, and Philosopher of life | Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC) | Media & photo @sporringphoto | I

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