My Published Articles in September

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The first month I’m part of Mediums Partner Program, In August I had hesitated to sign up, but in late August I was All-IN!

That ever so popular theme of Digital Detoxing started out in September, some go all in and buy a dumb phone, but others like me just make your digital costume smaller.

Then I was Deciding To Create A Second Brain inspired by Tiago Forte and Nat Eliason and my second brain helps me with my writing and researching. What a paradigm shift Roam Research is!

Then I presented My Digiverse, the tools that make up my toolbox, or as I say my Digiverse. In a way, this article has much to do with the previous.

And I had to write something about Building A Writing Habit too, I mean this what it’s all about, right? I spend at least 2 hours a day writing very focused, using the Pomodoro Technique.

Then I wanted to write something about Why Blinkist Works For Me, although I’m a hardcore reader. It’s my absolute favorite source for nonfictional reading.

A small but important piece about how Handwriting Is Not My Forte, and what I plan to do about it.

Then I published a piece about September Is Suicide Month, and this is a subject close to my heart. And as I recently lost a very dear and close friend to suicide, it was extra important to publish my own story and how close I came not to be here.

Another subject dear to my heart is Education Versus Knowledge, and why we should discuss it. I know education is important, but the knowledge acquired through work or studies by yourself should have a greater weight I think.

After a couple of days of resting, I presented Socialmedia And Me, and what brought me into being who I am today. And how buying a Nokia N95 changed my world totally.

The same day Disrupting My Workflows was also published, where I present how my process works. The first article to get major attention.

Bye Bye IFTTT was written to say goodbye to one of my favorite services on the Internet, Lately, I hadn’t had so much use of it, so I decided not to pay for it as they decided that the freemium period was finished.

And that concluded my September articles, a total of 11 articles. Not bad, but I’m thinking my October list will be longer.

Besides writing articles here, I have an online journal and a Newsletter. My newsletter is bi-weekly and a lot of fun to both compile and go back to reading for me.

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